Link Vanity – Timber – Custom Vanity


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  • Available in 4 drawer sizes (300, 600, 750 &
    900mm) allows for endless combinations. Simply
    install the cabinets next to each other to achieve
    your ideal vanity size.
  • Link vanity is available in three colors, gloss white,
    matte black & beautiful timber laminate completely
    transforms the bathroom.
  • Link vanity not only offers you endless
    combinations, but it also accommodates for a variety
    of basins and bench tops. Choose from ceramic,
    glass, timber or stone top.
  • Sizes Example:
    600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
    1800mm, 2100mm, and so on…

Codes, Sizes:

LINK-300T (300mm x 460mm)
LINK-600T (600mm x 460mm)
LINK-750T (750mm x 460mm)
LINK-900T (900mm x 460mm)
LINK-1200T (1200mm x 460mm)
LINK-1500T (1500mm x 460mm)
LINK-1800T (1800mm x 460mm)
LINK-2100T (2100mm x 460mm)

Vanity Top: Cabinet Only

Cabinet Only, Ceramic Basin, Engineered Stone (White and Marble style)


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