Frameless Walk-in Shower


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• 10mm safety glass, featuring easy clean coating

• Can be installed directly on tiles, acrylic tray or with acrylic liner

• Profiles give tolerance for non plumb walls

VTS-FP1300 : 1300x10x2000mm
VTS-FP1200 : 1200x10x2000mm
VTS-FP1160 : 1140x10x2000mm
VTS-FP960 : 940x10x2000mm
VTS-FP900 : 900x10x2000mm
VTS-FP860 : 840x10x2000mm
VTS-FP760 : 740x10x2000mm
VTS-FP150 : 150x10x2000mm

Custom sizes available on request   |  Optional brace available:


Frameless Glass – Custom Size, Frameless Glass – Fixed Panel VTS- FP1300, Frameless Glass – Fixed Panel VTS-FP1000, Frameless Glass – Fixed PanelVTS-FB150, Frameless Glass – Fixed PanelVTS-FP1200, Frameless Glass – Fixed PanelVTS-FP760, Frameless Glass – Fixed PanelVTS-FP860, Frameless Glass – Fixed PanelVTS-FP900


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